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Hello, I am Evelina. 

I am violinist with extensive experience performing around the world. For more than 15 years I have been teaching in individual, group and orchestral settings. My Music Degree was completed in Ukraine as well as my Artist of Orchestra and Conductor of Orchestra.

Recently i had to move from place I been living for many years and had established life and teaching practice. At new place I have to build everything from zerow. While i am establishing my life in here i desided to create this cours. Since i dont have students at the momen and thet luck of comunication  was realy harding me, working on this cours helped me to stay in tune and happy. Even so I was just up front of the camera instead working with real student in person, the thought thet I will share my knowlege with people out there in the world was warming up my heart.

My lessons emphasize solid foundations in theory, technique, classical repertoire and reading skills. I hopes to share my joy of music and help my students develop proper form and achieve their musical goals.

The goal of this course is to get you having fun, to enjoy playing the violin while teaching you the needed skills in a very natural way so you get comfortable playing anything (in beginner level) on your own after course.

This Course has 3 bloks + bonus.

Includes :

*Introduction -  where you will fined everything you need to know to start your Violin journey.

* Violin Basics - You will learn how to hold violin and the bow, how to control your body, how to play pizz and slur, how to play with a bow, value of the music nots, and it has little bonus - 8 rhythm exercises with backing tracks !!!

*Lets play the songs - 16 songs with backing tracks. Each song has the new skill to learn, fun and easy!

* Bonus - 3 songs (1 Classical and 2 Pop) with backing tracks, to impress your friends at the party.

This cours will help you learn and / or improve your skills and up your game, and will be helpful for anyone looking to learn how to play the violin.

This is the cours for everyone who wants to learn to play violin!


50 Video lessons with clear full instractions to walk you step by step throug lerning process .

Most violin teachers charge anywhere from $25-$75 per lesson. So, if you have one lesson a week, you would spend anywhere from $1,300-$3,900 on violin lessons each year.

My Beginner Violin Course, and 1 Bonus Courses, will give you  access to over 55 online lessons. This package is valued at $1000…which means each lesson costs less than $20.

But you’re not paying full price today…you’re only paying $37.99! This means you pay less than $1 per lesson!

This is an at-home course that you can take at your own pace and convenience.

What’s possibly holding you back?


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