Is it worth it to learn music notes?

Sometimes I had students, adults who 100% know what they want from the lessons, and this their order sounds like it: “ I don’t need theory and to learn how to read music notes, I just want to be able to play some tunes I heard by ears “… In moments like this I want to answer: “ Me too…” Play by ears is one of the most complicated skills on the violin and in general (depending on what tune, off course)

Humble in the shower some catchy tune it’s one thing, but it’s completely different to try play it on the violin. Like minimum you have to be able to hold violin proper, and violin bow, and direct that bow proper, and many more little details that are taking lots of time (about a year or two) to get used to do it naturally without thinking, so you can concentrate on the melody. Since it’s taking you so lots time and energy, why don’t learn some music notes during all this time. There is only 7 of them. 
Capability to read music notes gives possibilities to play any music you want (in your level off course). You no have to memorize everything like when you don’t know the notes. You can learn new tunes you never heard before, just buy reading notes. You can jam up with someone to play together or even play with a group a people which is more fun.
Why limit yourself with such attitude “I don’t need to know music notes “. It’s not going to make process of learning violin faster even opposed, and the most sad part - it’s limited your ability, which with time, or will pushes you to learn the music notes and finally be on the way to discovering wonderful, powerful and mysterious world of music, or…. Or your interest will disappear, because of constant understanding of the limited abilities.
Whichever music instrument you are going to learn to play, don’t waste the time- learn the music notes, it will take you maximum couple hours concentration on what you doing, but that couple hours will be pay off with endless amounts off happiness, fun and satisfaction from having possibility to be part of music world.

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