Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - B. Auerbach

About Me...

I am  a talented, professional violinist performing in Quebec City and area. I perform classical, pop, jazz music for special events like weddings, receptions, and dinners.

My desire for the violin appeared at a very early age, it wasn’t entirely conscious, but it was very strong, starting when I was two years old. My Mother and I often visited a small music store where they mainly sold records and some folk musical instruments, as well as children's maracas, tambourines and drums.

She was buying herself records with songs or instrumental music, and I was allowed to choose something from the box with children's records. I didn’t know how to read then, so my choice was based on what picture was shown on the record sleeve.  If I liked the picture, then I chose the record. My records where mainly fairy tales, folk tales from many European and Russian authors. 

Throughout the stories, with the music in the background, for to enhance the episodes of the story, the text fell silent, and the beautiful music came to the fore.

One day we came to the music store and in the most visible place, on the wall, in the center, behind the seller, there it was... a violin. I most likely didn’t even know the name of this beautiful instrument yet, but the desire to touch it and play on it captured my entire two-year-old body. It was love at first sight. Here it is, the one what makes those beautiful sounds in the fairy tales that I loved listening to, the one on which those fairy tale characters play, the one that can imitate birds, bees, sing tenderly and softly. That day I requested Mother to buy me a violin and not a record. I remember this time in the store as vividly as if it was a couple of hours ago. All those emotions and delight that overwhelmed me.

That day I learned part of the lesson of what you need to go through to be the “happy owner” of this instrument and how difficult the path of a musician is.


“So here’s a wonderful tambourine with colorful ribbons and let’s go home,” said my Mother. But I wanted the Violin. “Well, no I was told quickly, there is great responsibilities to own such an instrument and I would have to be determined and practice very often to own such a thing,” So I thought, “If what you all are telling me here is such a condition for me to own a violin, then that means that I will do it for life.”

Probably my actual thoughts sounded less dramatically, but their meaning where exactly that.
At the age of four I started my first violin lessons.

I am  violinist with extensive experience performing around the world. For more than 15 years I have been teaching in individual, group and orchestral settings. My Music Degree was completed in Ukraine as well as my Artist of Orchestra and Conductor of Orchestra. 

My private lessons emphasize solid foundations in theory, technique, classical repertoire and reading skills. I hopes to share my joy of music and help my students develop proper form and achieve their musical goals.