Music for the brain.

Really you can enjoy any music or art if you trained yourself to hear or to see it. I don’t mean that you have to force yourself to listen all kinds of music or look at the picture endless amount of time, and eventually miracle will happen, this is definitely not the way to do it. 

Than how? - Simple and pleasant.
If you ever been around people who speak the language you don’t know, you know that you even want realize what they are talking to you, it’s because of such interesting future of our brain, brain likes to be efficient and this is no efficiency at all in trying to understand something what you don’t have any skill in. Seam thing if you don’t used to listen music or enjoy the art, your brain just not recognizing it. That's all because nobody touted you how to do it. Wonderful skill what is very easy to get and what makes our life more bright and interesting by giving one more extremely powerful resource of pleasure, real, harmless pleasure.
When I was a child, in music school the teachers used next method: 
- take some nice, simple and easy picture, and make your story about it…
 What was before and what after? What colour the bunny hiding under bush? Is it cold or hot weather? Place yourself in this picture and listen and feel everything what is going on around you.
Yes, imagination. The more deep you will go in your imagination the more sense you will find in the particular picture.
- now turn on music what you are comfortable with and add it to the picture, start to dream, make your story.
Picture will give you visual support, music will shake emotions. This is very simple method to understand music, but very effective and pleasant. In no time you will realize that your ears catching music from everywhere and your brain right away will receive its testy dopamine. 
Try apply this method to any music style from medieval to modern, with every new composition you will experience new spectrum of emotions, it’s never going to be boring.

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