Violin and brain

Playing the violin (especially virtuosity, associated with the sophisticated technique of the left hand) opens the creative abilities in a person, which later can be applied in any business. The violin gives a person a powerful imagination and flexibility of mind, increases the ability for creative insights, and develops intuition.

This is not mysticism, this fact is explained scientifically.The fact is that when we play some virtuoso piece on the violin (something from Paganini, for example), we are making a lot of fast, precise movements with the fingers of our left hand.

Any psychologist or biologist will confirm to you that if a person exercises his fingers every day, develops fine motor skills, this will directly affect the function of the brain and speed up the processes occurring in the brain. And, there is one subtlety. The right hand activates the work of the left hemisphere of the brain (responsible for logical abilities): it is best to train it for mathematicians and all people associated with the exact sciences. And the left hand is connected with the right hemisphere, the “specialization” of which is imaginative, creative thinking, imagination, intuition, the ability to find unexpected brilliant solutions in all life situations, not to mention the arts.

Sports psychologists know about this feature of the human body and use it in preparing Olympic champions. For example, the book by sports psychologist R. Zagainov “The Curse of the Profession” tells about a chess player who specially prepared before an important match - she clenched and unclenched the fingers of her right hand in order to activate the work of the left hemisphere of the brain.

So our left-hand technique, all these passages, double notes and so on that can be found in virtuoso violin music, is an extremely useful thing. They are not just created for creative pleasure. They are intended to give the brain “acceleration”, to give the player “magical” or “mystical” abilities, as it would have said several centuries ago.

This is probably why where is lots of myths and legends about the “magic” violin. Which created the common, harmful and incorrect idea that supposedly virtuoso violinists (Paganini is a prime example) were somehow connected with supernatural forces.

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